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So once again, I have no date for prom. My "friend" (not in a mean sarcastic sense) was supposed to come down from Calgary to be my lovely company for the evening. BUT the idiot got in trouble for tagging (grafitti) and he hadn't finalized his citizenship papers over there (he lived here). So, therefore, i am once again going to prom alone... well not alone I'm going with friends.  Oh well.... Its our senior prom it's going to be fun anyways.... I just feel weird because... whatever enough of that. So yea well I'll post more later!


soooo just got backkkkk from S.A. soooo yeaaaaaaaaaa.
bored ..... i have to study ....
and do pre cal so yea... later

The Bank Job Review.

So I saw the bank job today. First of all... very random beginning. Secondly there is a lot of nudity.  Thirdly, it was interesting and true. I will give it three stars haha just kidding. It was ok... wasn't the best but what movies are nowdays?.

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You know how every time you go to a mall they have the directory signs to find the stores that you want to go to. Have you noticed how we all usually try to find the easiest and fastest route to get there? Well I think that these signs can be associated with life. We see where we are in life and we try to find where we want to go. Every one is at different places in their lives. Take me for example, I am a high school senior trying to find the right college and major. As some of you know this is no "piece of cake". There is  so much involved in trying to follow this pathe standardized tests, applications/ essays, grades and figuring tuition. Too bad there is no easier way out of this. Pretty much in every state of life there are no easy ways to get out of or to get in. Unless of course you cheat, sell drugs, or do other illegal thins. Other than that your in for the long run.  Life isn't an easy path, you have to work to get where you want to be.  


Gas Prices.

Gas prices are OUTRAGEOUS!!! Depending on where you go the prices vary from about $3.19 to $3.40 . I went to put gas in my Ford truck (huge gas tank) I paid about 63 bucks...which is about $11 more than what I usually get. I cant believe that just because it is close to spring break they have to raise the prices up this high. Which makes it difficult for most people with bigger cars like me. I have to fillup at least once a week because I drive all the time. Oh well... nothing i can really do except go along with the prices.


So theres this guy....

That I met on my trip to Incarnate Word. He was really funny and cool but stupid me didn't exchange any contact info... we had to leave at different times so there was no time to.... but now its too late... So oh well i guess i blew that..         :[  maybe we'll both end up at UIW. and if not then oh well. It was a nice acquaintance.


today i have been thinking a lot more than usual.... i guess i was bored in all of my classes. so anyways the topic that i was thinking A LOT about today was why do some girls have to be so.... what's the right word.... dramatic, mean, horrible... okay those sum it up. this contemplation actually began yesterday when i was talking to a girl i know. she's a freshman and she was telling me that she was having problems with this group of seniors. they are spreading rumors about her lifestyle and ways... shes a freaking freshmen!!! i mean come on pick on someone your own age....  plus in this group  there is girl who follows the same lifestyle..  so who are they to ridicule her for that? they are just so damn hypocritical. it makes me mad... i mean COME ON we're about to graduate shouldnt we act like adults and NOT spread rumors?? well... that's all that i have to say about that... for now...

P.S. All of us girls, and you can't deny this, have been dramatic/mean to a point.... I'm not saying that i haven't been because i know i have. kk


First entry...

So.... today has been one of those days that you just want hit your head on a desk a few times. or that you would have rather not gotten out of bed. for the past couple of hours i have been listening to some really emotional music (which i usually avoid) and it doesn't make anything better. i feel bad for taking my anger out on people that i shouldn't have. that wasn't the right thing to do and i haven't been able to apologize to one person so.. i guess this day will drag partly into tomorrow. so i guess thats all for now. have a good night anyone.